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Tastes of autumn

Seasonal delicacies and colorful landscapes, intoxicating scents in the forest or in the cellars of winegrowers... With a few cultural notes to accompany? Enjoy autumn in all its forms in Montreux Riviera!

Take the time to observe the vegetation in full metamorphosis, see a squirrel preparing its provisions for winter, admire the aerial ballet of starlings coveting ripe grapes, then fill your lungs with the scent of undergrowth, moss and mushrooms, ... Stop to nibble on a piece of wood, perhaps to carve a piece of wood that will be used to roast a saveloy. Tell stories by the fire. 

On foot or by bike, walking through the heart of the Lavaux UNESCO vineyards or along a forest path, face the setting sun and admire the spectacle. Enjoy the last rays of the sun, tell yourself that it's still pretty damn good for the season, but also that you'll be glad to be warm at nightfall, gathered around a pan of porcini mushrooms and a good bottle of wine to chew the fat... And agree that, all the same, we're lucky!




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