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Good to know

Montreux Riviera covers an area of 225 km2 with a population of approximately 89,872 inhabitants.
The main language spoken is French, however a majority of the population can express themselves in English and German.
Average annual temperatures are around 14.6°C and 21.3°C in summer.
The highest point of Montreux Riviera are Les Rochers-de-Naye at 2'042 m.


The current currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF).
The Euro (€ or EUR) is accepted in the largest shops (Migros, Coop, Manor) and service providers (SBB, post office), however, change will always be given in CHF.
It is possible to exchange your money for the main currencies (€, £, $, ¥, CAD, AUD) at banks open from Monday to Friday (9am-12pm/ 1.30pm-5pm) as well as SBB stations open 7/7.
The EUR can be withdrawn from most ATMs (bancomat, ATMmachine) or at the post office (postomat). 
The main credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard) are accepted as a means of payment, however small shops and supermarkets only accept debit cards.

Holidays and opening hours

All offices are open from Monday to Friday and shops from Monday to Saturday. Shops and small businesses are regularly closed on Mondays.

Official Holidays

1 January: New Year
January 2nd: St-Basile
Friday before Easter: Good Friday
Monday following Easter: Easter Monday
Thursday 40 days after Easter: Ascension
Monday 10 days after Ascension Day: Whit Monday
1 August: National Day
3rd Monday of September: Federal Fasting Monday
December 25th: Christmas
December 26th: St-Etienne


All yellow letterboxes are part of the Swiss Post.
Post offices are open from Monday to Saturday.

Media & electricity

The plugs are three-pronged type J, 220 volts AC, 50 hz.
In French-speaking Switzerland, there are about fifteen daily newspapers that can be bought at newsstands or in supermarkets.
The two television channels in French-speaking Switzerland are RTS1 and RTS2. Today it is possible to receive all the main Swiss and foreign channels.
Radio Suisse Romande is divided into three channels. The First, Space 2 and Color 3.
Information with traffic and weather situations is broadcast at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 12:30 and 18:00.


Wifi is free on the quays of Montreux and in several areas of Vevey.
The telephone code within the region is 021 or 024 and from abroad +4121 or +4124.

Useful phone numbers :
  • 117 Police, emergency calls
  • 118 Fire, alarm centre
  • 144 Ambulance, emergency call


The Canton of Vaud is known for its wine thanks to the Lavaux Vineyard but also for some culinary specialities. Papet Vaudois, a traditional dish of the Canton of Vaud made of leeks and potatoes (cooked until a thick purée is obtained). It is served with Vaudois sausage or cabbage sausage, both regional specialities based on pork meat and cabbage.
On the sweet side, the grape or cooked wine is a pie made with highly concentrated musts of apples, pears or grapes. Since the 1990s, several local companies have been organising festive evenings around the cooking of the grapes.
Le Bouchon Vaudois is a confectionery in the shape of a cork stopper created with the aim of becoming an emblematic speciality of the Canton of Vaud . The choice of this emblem is due to the fact that the Canton of Vaud is one of the main wine-producing cantons in Switzerland.
The population of French-speaking Switzerland has its habits: pedestrians wait imperturbably for the green light to cross, punctuality and cleanliness in the streets are respected.