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Listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site since 2007, the land stretching from Lutry to Vevey has been shaped by human hands since the 11th century. This vineyard boasting 10,000 terraces, interwoven with viticulture paths and dotted with wine-producing villages, has retained its authenticity and integrity, offering an architectural heritage boasting an exceptional richness and diversity.

"I see Lavaux as a horizontal and ancestral cathedral that continues to be built."

Tassilo Jüdt, illustrator and graphic designer in Vevey

Through his series of postcards, or more recently with the book "Lavaux d'ombres" (Editions des Effeuilles, 2022), Tassilo Jüdt takes a nuanced look at the famous terraced vineyard. Under his pencils, the landscape vibrates between impermanence and a feeling of eternity.

What inspires you in Lavaux?
I like to stand in one place and watch the landscape change. Lavaux offers a multitude of possibilities for observation, wonder and even meditation...

Out of the almost 900 hectares of the territory, is there a place that you particularly like?
If I wanted to get off the beaten track, I would probably go to the Chemin des Curnilles, in Chardonne. A real junction between the pastures, the forest and the vineyards. All with a view on the lake.

Why the title "Lavaux d'ombres"?
Because shadows are rare in Lavaux, but as soon as you see them, they contrast everything. A blessing for an illustrator!

The book "Lavaux d'ombres" is the combined work of Tassilo Jüdt and the poet Thierry Raboud. The first 500 copies sold out; a 2nd edition is available for pre-order on