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Montreux Riviera is the destination of choice for the most discerning gourmets with its cuisine showcasing local produce from the land and lake which bears witness to its excellent quality. While the area distinguishes itself thanks to its fine cuisine it also boasts a large selection of establishments
suitable for all tastes and budgets. Bon appétit !

"It breaks my heart when people do not respect the beauty of the lake"

Christophe Liechti, professional fisherman on Lake Geneva

When we enjoy a good dish of perch fillets on the terrace, how many of us have a thought for the person who extracted the fish from the lake? Far from the postcard image, the fishing profession requires dedication, humility and a keen sense of resourcefulness.

What takes up most of your time in your activity?
The maintenance of the equipment and the preparation of the fish, by far!

If you had to describe Lake Geneva in three adjectives... ?
Hmm... I would say beautiful, treacherous and capricious. The lake, like fishing, always has its share of surprises.

What advice would you give to boaters, Sunday fishermen or paddle boaters?
A bit like before going to the mountains: take the time to find out about the weather because conditions on Lake Geneva can be very changeable.

Professional fisherman since 2010, Christophe Liechti is based in Noville, near Villeneuve. Depending on the catch, he delivers burbot, char, perch or pike to L’Aigle, The Garden on The Lake or Là-Haut.

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