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Chatbot - Terms and conditions of use


Before you start using our chatbot, please take a moment to read this disclaimer:

Our chatbot is based on Artificial Intelligence from the company OpenAI. It uses the ChatGPT API and is trained on tourism data specific to our region. The information provided by our chatbot is based on this data. Our chatbot is still in a learning phase and is improving all the time. Although we endeavour to keep this information up to date and correct, we cannot guarantee its accuracy, reliability, completeness or relevance at all times.

The advice and recommendations provided by our chatbot are for information purposes only and in no way replace professional advice. We strongly recommend that you check this information on our site or directly with the service providers concerned before relying on it or making decisions based on it. This applies in particular to opening times, conditions of access to activities or walks, prices or local accommodation options.

The tourist office and its technical service provider decline all responsibility for any action taken on the basis of the information provided by the chatbot, and cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided.

1. Preamble

The Chatbot referred to herein, based on the ChatGPT technology developed by OpenAI, has been designed by EDSI-Tech Sàrl, which can be contacted at the following address: contact@edsi-tech.com.

These General Terms of Use (GTU) govern the use of the Chatbot by the Client and the User. These GTU may be amended from time to time. The Client will be informed of any modifications promptly.

By using and making available the Chatbot on its platform, the Client and the User are deemed to have read and accepted these GTU.

2. Definitions

  • Chatbot: a service tool developed based on the ChatGPT technology by the Publisher and made available on the Client's platform.
  • Client: an individual or legal entity who will make the Chatbot available to Users.
  • Publisher: EDSI Tech Sàrl based in Lausanne.
  • Services: information and other services provided by the Chatbot.
  • User: an individual who uses the Chatbot.

3. Use of the Chatbot

Our Chatbot is based on the artificial intelligence of OpenAI. It has been trained on tourist data specific to the region.

The Chatbot is in constant learning, with the aim of improving its Services.

The Services and advice provided by the Chatbot are for informational purposes only and do not replace professional advice in any way. It is strongly recommended to verify the information provided directly with the relevant service providers, especially regarding opening hours, availability, access conditions, rates, or the possibility of accommodation in the region.

Any use of the Chatbot that would contravene applicable legal provisions is prohibited.

In particular, it is prohibited to attempt to interfere with the Chatbot or the Services in any way that would harm, alter, damage, or overload the Chatbot.

The User undertakes not to cause any harm to the Publisher of the Chatbot through the use of the Services, or in any other way.

4. Third-party Content

Content from a third party or third-party website is provided for informational purposes only. The use of third-party services or websites is subject to the terms of use of the third party.

In no event shall the Publisher of the Chatbot be liable for the content displayed and originating from third parties, or for hyperlinks leading to third-party content.

The Publisher shall not be held liable for third-party content reproduced and provided to the User.

5. Liability

The Services provided by the Chatbot are for informational purposes only. The information provided cannot be equated with the advice of a professional. The Publisher and the Client disclaim all liability in connection with the Chatbot, especially regarding the content of the Services provided by the Chatbot, or actions taken based on the information provided.

In particular, no guarantee will be provided regarding the accuracy or content or completeness of the displayed information, its truthfulness, or its timeliness.

The Chatbot and its Services are generally available and accessible to the Client and Users. However, the Publisher does not guarantee the availability of the Chatbot or the Services. The Publisher shall not be held liable for any interruption of access, overload of the Chatbot or the network, closure of the Chatbot, or any resulting damage.

In particular, an interruption of access or suspension of the Services provided may occur due to technical problems or maintenance and shall not give rise to any compensation from the Publisher.

The Publisher shall not be held liable in case of force majeure.

6. Intellectual Property

The Chatbot and the databases it contains are the exclusive property of the Publisher.

Any use, reproduction, copying, or provision of the Chatbot or the Services by a third party is strictly prohibited without the Publisher's authorization.

7. Legal Notices

Exchanges with the Chatbot may be collected to improve its functioning and provide Services.

By using it, the User consents to the collection and processing of the data they transmit. In addition to this data, the Chatbot may process the following technical data:

  • IP address;
  • Date and time of the request;
  • Time zone differences with GMT;
  • Content of requests;
  • Access status / HTTP status code;
  • Volume of data transmitted;
  • Internet platform from which the request originates.

Unless otherwise agreed by the Publisher, the User and the Client are bound by the terms of these GTU.

In the event of a clause being deemed null, inapplicable, or invalid in these GTU, the Publisher, the Client, and the User declare the remainder of the GTU fully applicable.

Ineffective or invalid clauses will be replaced by one or more legally valid provisions whose content is as close as possible to these clauses. The inefficiency and/or incompleteness of a provision do not affect the validity of the other provisions.

The Publisher reserves the right to unilaterally and without notice modify the third-party content provided by the Chatbot, as well as access to the Chatbot by a User.

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These GTU are exclusively governed by Swiss law.

Any dispute related to these GTU shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Publisher's registered office.