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13 Reasons Why - Adeline Mayor Wines & Bar

The Cave Mayor is located in Vevey, away from the flood of tourists. Adeline, a renowned winemaker, also runs a trendy bar here.

Urban cellar
One is a bit surprised when one goes to the Cave Mayor. There are no typical pretty houses or small wine castles. Instead, a busy street with new buildings, including the Cave Mayor. The house in which the Mayor family moved in 1956 is nevertheless the one that has longest resisted the real estate pressure of an expanding Vevey. In 2012, it underwent a thorough renovation. “Summer tourists may prefer picturesque wine villages. But in our bar, we have a passing clientele, locals, friends and regulars, explains Adeline Mayor. Especially since wine bars are rather rare in Vevey.”


A clear path
The young Adeline represents the fourth generation in the company. Although the story begins in 1895, the family did not start with wine growing, but with cooperage and distillation. It was only later that the vines appeared. For Adeline, the choice of a profession was obvious: “We have been immersed in the world of wine since we were very young”. So: apprenticeship in the canton of Vaud and in Ticino, oenology studies at Changins, then entry into the family business. His father Jean-Philippe is still in the cellar, while his mother Annette takes care of the administration. Originally from Cape Verde, the apprentice Denise brings an international touch to the business.

The wine bar “Au 13”
Located just above the wine press, “Au 13” is tastefully furnished. But why this number? The 13 is in fact a family trademark initiated by grandfather Albert Mayor who inscribed the number on all his tools and other utensils in a nod to the position of the letter M in the alphabet. Today, a 13 is engraved on all the corks of the domain. Doesn't this bring bad luck? “It can also be a lucky number, says Annette. You can have Friday the 13th parties. Or actions where the thirteenth bottle is offered. In any case, there is a story to tell”.


Napoleon's florist
Of course, the Mayor family works closely with local businesses. For example, with Gérard Simon's Boucherie des Tilleuls, where you can find delicious Vaudois sausages, terrines and pork shanks. Our steps then lead us to the restaurant Le Carré, located directly on the lake, where the Mayor's wines take pride of place. The same goes for the charming café-restaurant Le Raisin in Saint-Saphorin. As for the plants that decorate 13 so beautifully, they come from Aebi Fleurs, in Vevey, where Nathalie Pedretti works. A real oasis of greenery, her shop is reminiscent of a botanical garden or a tropical house - the only thing missing are hummingbirds and parrots. Surprising anecdote: Napoleon is said to have spent a night in this building and the famous pianist Clara Haskil gave concerts here.

Food for the soul
Five minutes up the Veveyse from “Au 13”, we arrive at the Café du Stand. A bistro of character with a singular origin. Indeed, behind the establishment, the soldiers used to do their compulsory shooting. It is easy to understand why the dining room is decorated with a bric-a-brac of flags and trophies! Today the clientele is largely made up of workers. The table next to us is occupied by about 20 men in orange waistcoats who have spent the morning digging a canal for the water supply. The piccata menu is excellent and the pinot noir from the Cave Mayor is the perfect accompaniment to the horse steak. A delight for the palate, far from the toques and glossy cuisine.

Original text in German:
Stephan Thomas for Gault & Millau