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Cave Alain Ruchonnet



Alain Ruchonnet is a wine producer from Lavaux, just like many of his predecessors. He is also the former chief of the Fire Departments of Rivaz then St-Saphorin. After more than thirty years serving the local population, Alain Ruchonnet still keeps the flame burning. His cellar houses a treasure for everyone who has ever dreamed of driving one of the famous red fire engines: a collection of nearly a thousand objects related to firefighters. With 650 helmets from 95 countries, Alain Ruchonnet almost always has a story to tell. A moment to share that is open to all, by appointment only.

In addition to this special collection, Alain Ruchonnet's visitors enjoy discovering his wines. The wine producer is particularly proud of his Château de Glérolles Chasselas, a St-Saphorin Grand Cru appellation, whose delicacy suits all aperitif lovers. Together with the “oeil de perdrix” rosé and the merlot, the Château de Glerolles blend of red grape varieties completes the range of wines produced in accordance with nature, following integrated production criteria.