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Rochers-de-Naye and Dent de Jaman



Rochers-de-Naye and Jaman are famous for their view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. In winter, this resort offers something for the whole family. The ski slopes at an altitude of 2,042 m offer excellent snow conditions as soon as winter sets in.

Practical information

Transport and ski lifts are free of charge with the Magic Pass.

  • arrow_forward_iosErwaschene
    240 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosKinder
    150 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosErwaschene mit Zug
    420 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosKinder mit Zug
    210 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosErwaschene
    20 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosKind
    12 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosErwaschene mit Zug
    35 CHF
  • arrow_forward_iosKind mit Zug
    18 CHF