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Lavaux artists


With the tangle of its walls, its steep slopes plunging into the waters of Lake Geneva, its mountain setting, the changing colours of its vineyards, the Lavaux UNESCO landscape is a pure wonder for the eyes. Throughout the years, its vision has inspired many artists from all disciplines. Many of those with good taste have stayed and even lived in the region.

In the 18th century, great writers fell in love with the Lake Geneva area. Their writings became the first enthusiastic tourist guides for many visitors. Jacques Rousseau and Lord Byron are at the top of the list of those influential figures.

As early as the 19th century, painters reproduced Lavaux, providing souvenirs for rich tourists from that time. We still admire the magnificent paintings of Ferdinand Hodler, Félix Valloton, Gustave Courbet or Oskar Kokoschka today, which can be found at the Musée Jenisch in Vevey.

Different styles of more contemporary art such as photography, cinema and music have also been inspired by Lavaux.