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Tuesday November 24th 2020 - 06:30 pm GMT + 1 Montreux
Join us on November 24th 2020 for our webinar: Virtual Montreux Riviera !
Immerse yourself fully into the region, experience all that there is to see and do! Our 45-minute webinar promises to be dynamic and lots of fun! All the information you need to be a Montreux Riviera expert! #untilwemeetagain.  

Join us and enjoy



Until we meet again, join us and experience an immersive virtual Fam Trip!

Discover the Montreux Riviera region as if you were actually there! Visit the main attractions and enjoy a walk on colourful lakeshores.
Find out all the possible activities and excursions, the local treasures as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Lavaux.

Check out the teaser below:


Webinar Agenda

  • Discover Montreux Riviera
  • Highlights
  • Top Events
  • Business
  • Virtual Fam Trip
  • Quiz


Duration? 45 minutes.
Target audience?  travel, incentive and event agencies from all around the world.
How to join? Click on the link below and complete the registration form, you will then receive a confirmation and the steps to follow.
Can I invite my colleagues? Yes of course, the more the merrier!
What if I can't make it? The webinar will be recorded and the link will appear here after the event.

Local Partners

Aline Méan - Chillon Castle
Sales & Marketing Manager

Jeanne Corthay- Lavaux Patrimoine Mondial
Site manager

Martin  Oeschger - CGN
Key Account Manager

Rémy Crégut - Montreux Music & Convention Centre Director

J-François Morerod - MOB SA
Market Manager

Félicien Rey-Bellet - Glacier 3000
Sales Manager

Things you totally didn't know about Montreux Riviera

Vevey – Invention place of milk chocolate
Milk chocolate was first discovered in Montreux Riviera. In 1875, after years of research, Daniel Peter combined the milk power developed by Henri Nestlé in 1866 with cocoa: Eureka! First sold as a chocolate drink, several years later the first bar of milk chocolate was produced and marketed under the name Gala Peter.
Lavaux – The land of three suns
Lavaux, UNESCO World Heritage vineyards are also known as the «Land of the Three Suns». The first is the one shining in the sky, the second is the one reflected on the waters of Lake Geneva and the third one comes from the heat accumulated within the 400km of terrace walls. These excellent conditions are conducive to the production of outstanding wines.
Queen – Place of inspiration
Freddie Mercury and Queen fell in love with Montreux and ended up buying a recording studio where they recorded 7 of their albums in Montreux, the famous Mountain studio! Freddie Mercury also found this the ideal spot to get away from the crowds and get inspired, or as he put it – “If you want peace of mind, come to Montreux”.
Tap water – Unlimited freshness
In Montreux Riviera, like anywhere else in Switzerland tap water meets very high-quality standards and can be drunk from every tap and even from most public fountains. It is very refreshing and much more sustainable than bottled water.
Fork – The land of Gastronomy
Why is there a giant Fork in the Lake? The giant fork, or La Fourchette, was first plunged into Lake Geneva back in 1995 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Alimentarium, Vevey’s local food and nutrition museum operated by Nestlé.
Chillon – The Castle on the water
Chillon Castle dates back to 12th century and sits proudly on a rocky island on the lake. It is believed to have been the inspiration for the Disney artists who drew Prince Eric’s home for The Little Mermaid.